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If you are English Division student and you are interested in IFMSA-Warsaw here is some useful piece of information:

  • An organization uniting students of medicine and young doctors
  • The biggest students’ association in the world
  • It unites students from 121 countries!

We are:

  • Independent
  • Non- governmental
  • Non- political

What is IFMSA about?

Together with our colleagues in more than 121 countries, we are involved in a global network that connects thousands of medical students. Our organization gives medical students the opportunities they need to go beyond the hospital walls, and lecture halls. Motivated, intelligent young people are determined to look beyond the doors of their medical school to see the world outside.

IFMSA-Poland send each year about 500 students from twelve Polish Medical Universities to study with colleagues from other countries, other continents, other culture... The same amount of young, well motivated people from more than 80 countries choose Poland for their clerkships and spend the holidays in our country.

Our members organize each year many projects and campaigns on major diseases such as HIV/AIDS, smoking and cardiovascular diseases or on important problems of medical students in Poland. By meeting active students from other medical universities, members of IFMSA-Poland share their ideas, skills and experience about how students can act on the issues that motivate them. Twice a year we meet in different places in Poland, spending 3 days on trainings, discussions and relax, of course.

On an international level, we arranged few transnational projects especially in HIV/AIDS topics. These gave our members the opportunities to proof their language competence and skills working with partners from other countries.

If only you are a medical student in Polish University and you want spend your time in absolutely wonderful atmosphere just join us! We look forward to hearing from you! Working together for healthier tomorrow by joining IFMSA you can choose the division you want to be part of:



  • Standing Comittee on Professional Exchange
  • A division organizing holiday training abroad for 300 members
  • Many interesting places to go :
    • Europe: Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Greece, Check Republic, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Denmark
    • Middle East: Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain
    • Asia: Indonesia, Korea, Turkey
    • Americas: Brazil, El Salvador, Chile
    • Africa: Ghana, Egypt


  • Standing Committee on Research Exchange
  • Lets 60 members with extensive knowledge of particular subject of medicine to profound it abroad
  • Places you can go to:
    • Europe- Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia
    • Americas- Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brazil
    • Asia- Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan
    • Africa- Egypt, Tunisia, Oman


  • Standing Committee on Medical Education
  • Creates and improves the learning program
  • Organizes Nationwide Medical Education Days
  • Numerous workshops - ECG, EEG, USG, putting in stitches and others
  • Language workshops
  • Conferences for members
  • ED-SCOME (Standing Committee on Medical Education) Coordinator: Diksha Amarnani
  • Diksha Amarnani, e-mail: dikshaamarnanib@gmail.com, phone: 519 139 904


  • Standing Committee on Public Health
  • Carries out pro-health and prevention campaigns, workshops, lectures
  • Antitobacco peer
  • Teddy Bear Hospital
  • ED-SCOPH/SCORP (Standing Committee on Public Health/Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) Coordinator: Azra Buyukbayrak
  • Azra Buyukbayrak, e-mail: azra.buyukbayrak@hotmail.com, phone: 728 456 213


  • Standing Committee on Reproductive Health Including AIDS
  • Fights against HIV, AIDS and other STD
  • Social actions
  • Peer education HIV/AIDS, PWG
  • Streetcar Named Desire
  • ED-SCORA (Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS) Coordinator: Justyna Pordzik
  • Justyna Pordzik, e-mail: j.pordzik@yahoo.co.uk, phone: 535 040 333


  • Standing Committee on Refugees and Peace
  • Deals with problems of refugees
  • Gains world peace by refugees villages, humanitarian help
  • Campaigns against nuclear war and land mines
  • ED-SCOPH/SCORP (Standing Committee on Public Health/Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace) Coordinator: Azra Buyukbayrak
  • Azra Buyukbayrak, e-mail: azra.buyukbayrak@hotmail.com, phone: 728 456 213

We are looking for people who:

  • Have continuous knowledge desire, want to practice medical skills to become better doctors
  • Like to see that what they are doing actually helps someone
  • Have leadership skills, creative ideas and want to share it with everybody
  • Care a lot about personal growth and development

Benefits from joining IFMSA:

  • Team work
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Integration
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Self-development
  • Breaking the borders
  • Creativity

We encourage all English Division students to join the Warsaw branch of IFMSA-Poland!

Full membership can be granted only after the membership fee payment is made. In order to join our team, you need to:

1. Fill in the Membership Declaration (download below)
2. Send it to miwron@gmail.com with an email title 'FIRST NAME, SURNAME, MEMBERSHIP FEE'
3. Payment, 50 PLN, should be transferred to the following bank account

16 1050 1953 1000 0023 6789 8893
Recipient: Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Studentów Medycyny IFMSA-Poland

4. Congratulations! You have joined IFMSA-Poland!



People who have joined IFMSA in the past and would like to prolong their membership for the next academic year should transfer the money according to the same scheme. However, they do not need to fill in and send the membership declaration again. 

How is the membership fee allocated:

a) Central Board (25PLN)

  • budget for National Coordinators
  • budget for Central Board
  • nation-wide activities

b) Branch Board (25PLN)

The funds are used for printing posters, certificates, leaflets and the purchase of flowers and other materials, as well as modernization of the IFMSA-Warsaw main office.


What else can we do for you?

Feel free to contact us and share your ideas!





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